10 Actions To Take To Increase Your Social Media Traffic

Anyone who is blogging or running a website knows that traffic is that all elusive phantom that makes or breaks a site.

If one of your primary goals is to significantly increase your blog traffic, you may find that harnessing the influence of social media traffic, is a cost effective way to increase your blog’s hits.

Social media marketing is one of the top forms of marketing that you have to utilize to be successful, right up there with email list building, or you may fade off into the sunset.

All of these marketing tactics together with monetizing your site, via affiliate marketing will ensure your success in the long run.

Remember, success does not happen overnight. It takes hard work, whether it is a brick-and-mortar store or a website.

To discover how to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, to drive social media traffic to your blog, simply continue reading.

10 Actions To Take To Increase Your Social Media Traffic

  1. Post relevant content at least once-a-week that helps to solve problems and answer questions that readers have.
  2. Use audience engagement to drive up your social media visibility. Ask a questions, a poll or an event.
  3. Content Marketing – writing long engaging articles which will stimulate a readers interest with catchy headlines to get that click-through from your social media accounts.
  4. Get visual. What do you like better? Reading paragraphs of text or short paragraphs broken up by pictures, videos and infographics?
  5. Write a call to action at the end of article to share your page on their accounts (free advertising to all their friends).
  6. Keep It Short! – 60% of people are now using their smart phone for browsing. Screens are small and the same stands for attention spans.
  7. Watch your competitors, essentially spying on them, and get new ideas for trending content.
  8. Connect with social media influencers. Not only can you learn from them but you may get a retweet to their thousands of follows which can really boost your traffic and your followers to become an influencer yourself.
  9. When you share your post create a headline for it. Don’t just rely on the post title. Talk to the people out there and connect with them via the post headline.
  10. Use the inimitable social media sharing widgets that you see EVERYWHERE. Make them sticky so they follow the reader down the page to get more shares.

How To Increase Your Social Media Traffic


twitter-hashtagOne way to increase interest in a new blog post, is to write a snappy, exciting tweet about your new blog post.

Be sure to keep your tweet short as tweets under 100 characters are 21% more likely to attract audience interaction and to add a backlink to your blog post.

Also consider using a short, intriguing quote from your blog post in your tweet.

As an example, you may want to tweet a shocking or surprising fact or ask your target a question.

By giving your audience a sampler of your post, they’ll be far more likely to click on your link as you will have piqued their interest.

Lastly don’t be afraid to use popular hash tags, as a way of attracting attention to your tweets

Google +

Whilst Twitter may be the perfect way to attract millennials to your blog, Google+ is a great platform to use, if you’re interested in attracting a wide variety of readers to your blog.

To start off with, you may want to encourage your loyal fan base to sign up to your blog’s Google+ page.

That way, they can opt in to receive Google+ alerts, every time you post a new blog post.

Also encourage your fan base to share your alerts with their circles, in order to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of attracting new readers.

Next, ensure to become an active participant in at least a handful of Google+ communities.

Think of Google+ communities as Google forums where you can network with other bloggers and reach out to individuals who are interested in your blog’s unique niche.

As a bonus, you may find sponsors or guest writers for your blog, in one of the communities that you join.


First things first, did you know that Facebook posts which boast attention grabbing images, receive 120% more engagement than posts which only contain text?

One fool proof way to increase traffic to your blog is to regularly post links to your blog, making sure to include large, clear images.

Also consider using your blog’s Facebook account to give your Facebook fans a sneak preview of an upcoming blog post.

Or using Facebook to ask your audience what they’d like to see you write about.

As an example, you could run a competition to let your fans decide the topic of your next blog post.

Just remember to keep your posts short and sweet, just like your tweets and you’ll be sure to attract a following in a short period.

Also remember to respond to each and every comment posted on your Facebook wall so readers see that you frequently interact with your viewers.

They’ll be far more likely to follow your blog.

One way to get readers involved is to ask them questions on a weekly basis and to reply to your reader’s answers.


pinterest-group-boardsWith the majority of users on smartphones and with short attention spans, as I said above, visuals are the way into their minds.

Create a great image for your post and pin it.

Your Pinterest account should have boards you create for your blog posts.

You don’t have to have just one for your blog you can break it down.

If it is about dog breeding, have a breeding board, puppy board, etc but also have other boards.

Creating a fun Pinterest profile is more than just targeting your blog.

Have some boards related to some interests you have also, like movies or gaming.

Make your image pop! Use colors and easy to read headlines to get that click or re-pin.

Nothing goes faster than Youtube viral videos than Pinterest re-pins.

Join some Pinterest Group Boards related to your niche to connect with others and gain follower and also re-pin their pins.

Bonus Tip

Sign up and use a URL shortening service such as Bitly.

Extremely important for Twitter due to character length of your tweets, but it also has tracking metrics to measure what posts are doing the best.

What Are You Waiting For? Get More Social Media Traffic!

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to market your blog and increase your traffic.

Instead, harness the power and influence of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, in order to drive social media traffic to your blog.

Remember to keep up your social media posts as it may take a few weeks, in order to see visible results.

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