Affilorama – Affiliate Marketing – Scam Or Legit?

Affilorama – Product Review


(Not an affiliate anymore, just my review)

Do you want to make money online at the pool with a drink by your side?

No doubt you have seem headlines like this one.

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training program that you can do by the pool with a drink by your side.

No you will not get rich overnight earning $1000’s per month with “passive income”.

This is a great training website to join to learn the steps to building your online presence.

The end result is what you make of it.

There are free video lessons on how to get started in the business and you can upgrade to premium to take it all a step further at any time.

This program was founded by Mark Ling in 2005 and has helped 10’s of thousands over the years.

Some successes and some not as in all businesses.

What it is not

It is not a get rich quick scheme.

Anywhere you look on the internet you will see get rich quick schemes and no one gets rich except for the person who created the scheme and is selling it to people.

This will take time and effort to create and start getting traffic to your site.

And as that traffic builds people will click on your affiliate links where you make a commission.

What is great?

I have been a premium member for 6 months now.

I went premium because I have been scammed in the past and this has a great rating all over the internet by people who have used it.

Of course, I have seen negative ratings too. But mostly it is because the people made little to no money in the first few months and gave up.

The people did say that it is full of great content though, just not wanting something they want to have to work at.

I personally have decided that I want to get serious about affiliate marketing and wanted a legitimate training course to help me in my endeavor.

What is useless?

My Documents on my pc. I have hundreds of ebooks and courses that I signed up for that are junk.

Granted there are some that had some great points that I have added to my Evernote notes on affiliate marketing, but on the whole not worth signing up for or buying.


Free Membership

The free membership is filled with 85 video tutorials for the real beginner who does not have the money to upgrade right away.

These include building a website, promoting it and using SEO (search engine optimization) to get indexed by Google and how to monetize with affiliate marketing and PPC (pay per click).

I have been learning so much from the courses.

Some information I knew already but a lot is new information that I have not come across before anywhere even with all my signups and purchases.

They will try to persuade you to sign up for the paid membership but they are a business after all.

It is up to you if you have the funds to take it further but you do not have to.

I was at the point that I wanted legitimate training and not hype which is why I upgraded.

Premium Membership

Their premium membership is basically a monthly subscription to their training videos, and pro-level marketing tools.

You will also have asses to AffiloTools which tutors you on how to find long-tail keywords that will be advantageous to bringing in traffic to your site.

Here are the features you get with Affilorama Premium:

  • Monthly web-magazine which covers a particular sub-topic of affiliate marketing in comprehensive detail.
  • New monthly content such as webinars and interviews with super affiliates and web millionaires
  • the brand-new Affilotools
  • PLR  articles
  • Web Hosting: Hosting for 15 separate domains

I now have 4 sites going with all the training applied and I that is just the tip of the iceberg.


Who is Affilorama Premium For?

Affilorama premium subscription is for everyone, new and experienced.

It contains all the tutorials of the free membership but goes on to provide advanced affiliate tactics and detailed training on advanced marketing.

You have access to professional resources such as tips from marketing gurus, graphics, and monthly e-magazine and access their toolkit of software tools designed by the Affilorama team.

You will also have access to hosting if you want to host your website with them although I don’t recommend that.

If you decide to discontinue your subscription with Affilorama you do not want the headache of moving your website off their hosting platform.

Better to do self-hosting with an outside web host like I have. Top Rated Web Hosting Plans.


As part of your premium subscription you have access to AffiloTools.

This is a cloud-based SEO, PPC and market research suite of software.

It is designed to help raise your search engine ranking.

The dashboard has real-time tracking all in one place and monitors your social media accounts, Google Analytics, and your earnings through your monetization strategies.

Has a health check to analyze your site and provide alerts for an issues on your site that are causing issues, such as 404 not found error messages, broken links, etc.


Yes, of course everything has upsells.

They have 3 programs you can buy but separately if you want to.

They do not shove it down your throat at every turn like some companies.


1. Affiloblueprint

affilorama-blueprint-reviewAffiloblueprint takes all the information in the tutorials on the site and has a step-by-step guide to getting website built, content creation, promoting your site and getting traffic.

This is great for the person who needs to stay focused and is starting from scratch. They have tutorials on WordPress which can be very difficult to learn (I know firsthand!). You don’t proceed until you have accomplished each step and you have homework to do so it is task focused, (which I work best when working with task focused work).

Cost – $197

2. AffiloTheme

affilotheme-reviewAffiloTheme is a theme created by Mark Ling (or outsourced) and it is touted as easy to set-up and get started. I have not found ANY wordpress theme that is easy to set-up and use. If you choose to use wordpress for your site you can search through the 1,000’s of free themes and compare it to this one before purchasing. I use free themes. Bought one once and the experience was horrible.

Cost: $97.00

3. AffiloJetpack 2.0

affilojetpack-chalk-reviewBasically this is where they set up your website for you. You will be provided with email already written for your auto-responder when people sign-up on your site. There are 18 pre-selected niche’s you choose from and they provide cheat sheets for the content that you give to the writer’s you outsource your content to. Access to writer’s within Affilorama to hire also.

I’ve created a full training regime from to help you generate traffic from as many sources as possible, as quickly as possible. (Mark Ling)

You can choose from 5 of their ready-made niches sites upon purchase.

Cost $997.00

The Bad

There are a few training modules that are somewhat outdated. Specifically, PLR products and backlinking.

Google updated the algorithm and backlinking is no longer taken into account for ranking your site.

Backlinking involved getting links back to your site.

The more links leading to your site use to rank you higher in Google but people were buying links and scamming the whole thing so they dropped it from the algorithms.

PLR products are pre-written articles, ebooks, etc. that you buy and use on your site.

Google does not like duplicated content. Original content only which makes PLR products not so great.

You can use PLR products to get ideas since there are a lot of free plr’s out there.

Or you can rewrite them to make them your own.

And one last thing is you can rewrite a quality one and use it as a freebie on your site to entice people to sign up and get their email.

Wrapping Things Up

Affilorama is a great program for learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

I would say it is for the absolute beginner on up to the intermediate experienced marketer.

The videos are quality content along with the lessons being available in written form.

The free tool AffilioTools is an extra added benefit which is useful in analyzing your site and improving it.

This website has been around for years so you know it is quality or it would have disappeared long ago.

Definitely worth checking out, if only to take the free lessons.

I know for a fact that you will learn something and get excited about building your own online business.

Keep in mind, if you pay for the subscription or buy the upsells Mark Ling provides a 60 day money back guarantee.

Not A Scam – Totally Legit!


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