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The Wholesale Formula Review

23 Jul 17
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wholesale formula day 1This is the only Wholesale Formula Review that is not by an “affiliate” of the program. Read on to get an actual review not a sales page.

Basically “The Wholesale Formula” is a course to teach you how to buy wholesale and become a top seller on Amazon. (aka dropshipping)

It was created by Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert in 2011 and they claim they started with $600 and now make millions with their formula.

They only open it for a limited time to sign up and that time is now!!

Amazon FBA Program

The training is based on and income is generated by selling on Amazon’s FBA Program. (Fullfilled By Amazon).

Amazon’s FBA Program is where you send products you want to sell directly to Amazon and they handle the rest.

When someone buys it, Amazon ships it to them and handles all aspects of customer service related to customer inquiries, refunds, and returns.

==>The key to being successful with Amazon’s FBA program is finding products at a wholesale price to sell.

This is where The Wholesale Formula comes in. They teach you their techniques for finding products.

They train you on reaching out to a company, and even negotiating exclusive contracts with them so no one else is selling the same thing on Amazon.

If you already have products selling and would like to up your game or are new and want to become an Amazon seller then their program will provide many tips to getting started and being successful. But is it worth it?

I found some interesting information on Reddit such as the answer below to a question about The Wholesale Formula.

the wholesale formula review

Reverse Wholesale Sourcing

This is what they have coined their system as: reverse wholesale sourcing.

Some of the things you will find when you join are:

  • Discounted Prep Center Service with
  • Your Own Done-for-You Website
  • Discounted Website Hosting
  • Niche Markets Training Videos
  • Keyword Training Video
  • Directory of 200 Wholesale Suppliers
  • Discount on CSV File Scanning Service
  • Intellizon – legally ‘spy’ on major Amazon sellers
  • The Complete Blazing Profits Training Program

These seem to vary from affiliate to affiliate.


From what I can see you pay the fee to join and they have upsells that you can buy into and get affiliate links for.

Those are personalized to you, the affiliate, and you can offer these to others so not all affiliates have the same bonuses when you sign up under them.

Some affiliates, but not all offer one-on-one coaching so you better shop around and see what the affiliates are offering to get the best for your buck.

$600 Startup

Contrary to what they state in their video that they started with only $600 they are charging quite a hefty fee for their training $1,997. Plus, what you will need to buy your own wholesale products.

My question, as always is, why are they charging such a hefty fee if they are making millions? You would think they would bring it down to the startup amount they had, as a way to show they identify with you and really want to help you “make millions” like they do.

Their bargain is: 4 installments of $397 each for lifetime access and a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Videos And Blog

There are 5 videos full of information on what you will learn along with how successful they have become.

I myself can get turned off when a site starts off with their income claims.

Makes me leery of them right off the bat.

<<== You can check out their 5 intro videos here to see what they are selling. ==>>

They do have a Pinterest page that lists a whole bunch of blogs posts so you can read more before buying their training.

I do suggest you research well to see if this is right for you because of the cost.

I myself and not interested in buying their training.

I feel like all the questions you have can be answered by Amazon’s help page and you can get information for free by Googling “buying from Alibaba wholesale” or something similar.

Just A Little Secret

So when I research,  I research.

They are registered as Ascension Consulting, LLC a limited liability company. Now if you research further you will find this: SourceSellProfit.


Now when you go that page you will find the same techniques in their training to do Amazon arbitrage.

Here is what is included in this one:

the wholesale formula arbitrage

BUT the amazing thing is this course is only $297. Yes that is correct and not a typo.


Now if you are really serious about learning how to make money on Amazon that is by far the best deal I could find.

Once you have learned the basics then just test the waters and moved into other areas like Private Label and FBA.

My Final Thoughts

I am an Amazon Associate (Affiliate) and have not yet mastered exactly how they figure out your cut. I have sold and got $0.00 from them and then sold again and saw a profit.

Of course, if you dig deep you will see that their % varies based on what type of product the customer is buying and some offer no %.

I have been interested in Arbitrage and FBA for awhile but have my hands full right now with my niche websites. I look forward to starting small and giving this a shot in the near future (without paying an arm and a leg for training).

I do belong to one program, Wealthy Affiliate, and they have many members who do both, arbitrage and FBA and I will go there with any questions I have that I cannot find answers to.

I highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate first, since you can sign up for free (no credit card required) and get help from others who “have been there and done that”.

You can check out my full review of WA to see just what it is all about.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Any Good?

I am not here to “sell” you on WA, I am creating an income myself online and I am exploring many different avenues and sharing what I learn.

If you sign up with WA, I get a $1, so not gonna get rich from my affiliate link but I highly recommend their program. Of course, if you decide to go Premium and become a paid member I make a little bit more, but still not going to get rich.

It takes alot of work to make a profit in any business you decide to start, but with the low start-up costs to any kind of internet marketing field you decide to get into, in time you will start to see it grow and profits start coming in.

My favorite part of WA are Jay Neill’s Webinars. I put those on instead of tv and they inspire me to write and I always learn something new. He has been an interent marketer for 10+ years and is not a founder of WA but he participates and does the live webinars.

I can’t think of anyone else better to learn from then someone with that much experience. They are live every Friday night and available for viewing anytime the day after and there are years of webinars to watch.

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How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss

03 Jul 17
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How To Get More Traffic Like A BossHave a website and no one is coming?

That is the biggest obstacle for affiliate marketers and I will show you 6 easy steps on how to get more traffic like a boss.

Face it…..

===> Without traffic your site will not make money.

Think of traffic as the life of your website and the content the body.

The body just lies there with out the traffic bringing life and interaction with it.

Content is the easy part, traffic is the difficult part.

How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss

#1 is Social Media.

With billions on Facebook, Twitter and Google + and all the others sharing is your first step to reach people.

And it is so easy……..

===> Just publish your content and share.

Ask others to also share when they read your content and find it interesting.

While all the social networks are big and important, site owners need to realize the benefit of Google +.

It is OWNED by Google…….Google likes Google. 

So growing your Google + presence it huge to your Google search results.

People have a tendency to forget this or ignore it. Make Google + your number 1 priority.

Build it, grow it and share to it!!

social media wagon How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss

#2 Find Influencers In Your Niche

Who is your competition?

Google your niche and the top 10 results will be who are your biggest competitors.

===> Visit their sites.

Find articles of interest and comment on them. Include a link back to your site.

BUT always post helpful, rich comments that add value. DO NOT SPAM!

Your comment will not be approved if it reads like spam.


You can also get ideas from their content on what to write about.

The more content you have = the more pages indexed in search engines = more traffic.

#3) Quora and Reddit

These two sites are a valuable way to generate traffic. But both have to have content rich posts are you will become roadkill on their sites.

As with Google + you have to build up your presence as someone who has something worthwhile to say and not a spammer.

#4) Make It Shareable

Create social pictures with headlines using Canva or a similar editor. Use videos and infographics. People love sharing these.

google search console How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss#5) Google Webmaster Tools

Sign into your Google Webmaster Tools account and got to “Fetch As Google”.

Let Google know you have new content. Once it is fetched make sure you “Request Indexing”.

Google will do this in time, but by letting Google know you have new content you can get the new post indexed and found in search engines much quicker.

#6) XML Sitemap

While you are in your Webmaster Tools account submit a new site map.

This is very helpful for newer sites with a lower amount of content to make sure Google “sees” you.

You don’t have to submit a new site map for every post but at least do it for every 3rd post.


These are fast and easy ways on how to get more traffic like a boss but let us never forget the foundation keys.

Using these elements as your foundation and the traffic generating techniques will bring in the people. Be consistent!

Have a writing schedule, sharing schedule and build your authority and you will find your numbers grow in no time.

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Quick Sprout University

15 Jun 17
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quick sprout university seo – Waste of Time?

Quick Sprout University and Neil Patel are at the top of the heap in online marketing.

Everyone who has any interest in making money online has come across Neil’s sites many times.

He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. (

They sites are hard to miss since they are always at the top of Google’s search results.

You will find Quicksprout, KISSmetrics,, CrazyEgg and Hello Bar and who knows what is up the pike.

Quick Sprout University – Free?

Quick Sprout University used to charge for access but received many, many complaints.

The reason being, that once you entered the university Neil was nowhere.

All of the training is presented by Brian Dean.

People were paying to learn from Neil and got Brian Dean instead.

Now that is not to say the videos are not full of information and worth watching (all 5 minutes of them).

Just your classic bait and switch which made people mad.

Don’t mess with people’s money! Neil should’ve known that.

Quick Sprout University Content

You will find many training videos in the following categories with them further broken down into:

Beginner – Intermediate – and Advanced.

  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Conversion Optimization

But for the Beginner there is no direction on HOW to get started in the training.

You have to figure it out for yourself. Not exactly advantageous to a beginner’s training.

The videos have some great information if you have hours to spend watching to find the important information that you need to help you.

Quality produced videos, but many are only 5 minutes long with not a lot of help.

And Brian talks so fast it can be hard to keep up on a new subject you are just learning.

So how are you helping anyone Neil?

How is anyone really benefiting from your videos, even if they are free now?

If you look at the bottom of the page you will see “© 2017, by I’m Kind of a Big Deal, LLC”.

Kind of says it all. Either he is a huge fan of the Anchorman movie or he has a high view of himself.

Neil Patel Marketing School And Neil Knowledge

Neil also has a Marketing School which has a huge list of 10 minute podcasts with him and Eric Siu.

You can find a wealth of information here on his blog and videos and these are really his, unlike Quick Sprout University’s.

I believe his success comes from the programs he created to help with metrics and heatmaps but his actual “training” is not his forte.

Some people should stick to what they do best and the same goes for you Neil!

Advanced Customer Acquisition Webinar

I know why he calls it Quick Sprout. Neil Patel sprouts them up like weeds!!!

I just now ran into another product of his (his newest one0 — Advanced Customer Acquisition Webinar

More training videos, fake live webinar. About $1,000 for this one.

Gotta give him an A for Effort.

Who Does Do It Best?

NOT Affilorama!!

I have tried two paid online training membership sites myself and while both are great I do prefer Wealthy Affiliate. It is by far the most comprehensive training available today.

  • Online Certification Course – Takes you from step 1 to your first success.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – Affiliate marketing all inclusive from setting up a website to making your first affiliate sale.
  • Live Chat – 24 hours a day
  • Live Webinars – My absolute favorite as a premium member are the Webinars by Jay Neill.

Quick Sprout University - Jay neills webinars
You do not have to pay to be a member but once you start learning you won’t want to quit and if you have the funds you will upgrade.

Just saying. It is addictive.

Especially when you see the emails rolling in saying you got a sale from an affiliate program you belong to.

WA Social

We are all in the habit of going to our social media accounts and posting and getting instant commentary on what we post.

But what do we learn? Nothing. Just passes time.

WA is part education, part social media. Have something to say? Have a question to ask? Get instant feedback and learn at the same time.



In A Nutshell

Now that you can access the Quick Sprout University for free I suggest you watch some videos and see how it goes.

If you are able to get a website up and running and start making money from his videos, Awesome!

But if you need more, like step by step training and tasks to do to achieve marketing success then I would suggest you then go and check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes the name is cheesy, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out. I am a testament to going from newbie to semi-successful.

I have a lot of learning left but not doing too bad for being a WA member for only 6 months.


If you had enjoyed this post please “share” so others can also benefit from it!

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How to Use Video Marketing to Attract People to Your Website

29 May 17
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How to use video marketing to attract people to your website is a really simple way to generate interest in your site.

With the millions of websites on the internet today, it might seem like an impossible feat for you to get viewers to your site without an extraordinary sum of money to pay for advertising.

However, not only is it possible, it isn’t that hard to execute.

What’s most important is consistency with these four tactics with video marketing and your website can see a steady flow of targeted traffic.

4 Tactics On How to Use Video Marketing To Your Advantage

1. Creating a Video with Value to the User

Time is a commodity no one can get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Knowing this, it is important to consider that when people spend their precious time watching your videos, you need to make sure they walk away with something more than an affiliate link.

Your main priority for your videos should be to inform and deliver value.

When people view your content as valuable and helpful, they’re more likely to do whatever you say and be a part of your following. Find different ways to deliver valuable information to your viewers.

Example 1, if you’re the owner of a handmade beauty products website, you can do makeup tutorials using the products from your line. You can also create videos explaining why certain ingredients in beauty products are detrimental to a person’s health and what the alternatives are.

These are two different ways of delivering value while selling your product to the masses through video marketing.

People who are interested in learning about handmade products and those who are interested in healthier ingredients will naturally gravitate toward your website after watching your video.

Example 2, The same concept applies to the head of a medical practice.

If your practice specializes in chiropractic care, share different tips on how a person can take care of their body from a chiropractor’s vantage point. For people who become patients, you can create a separate batch of videos that cover home care and recovery methods.

These videos can serve as a visual representation and reminder that reinforces what they’ve learned while they were in your office.

Tip: You do not have to show yourself in the video or focus on the person at all times. You can change it up with slides and animations and more. Get more tips here.

2. Using Keywords in Your Video Marketing Strategy

If people can’t find your videos, it makes no sense to make them. In fact, it would be a huge waste of time.

In order for people to discover your videos exist, you’ll need to utilize the power of search engine optimization.

The main element of search engine optimization is the keyword.  In order to know which keywords to use in your video, it’s wise to do some keyword research.

Google has its own analytics program and keyword research program that can be really useful and insightful. There are other programs on the market that help you figure out the best keywords to use as well.

The Google option is free, but most of the other programs cost money. Keep in mind that when it comes to your business and attracting targeted traffic, the investment is often worth its weight in gold.

Personally, I have used many different ones and I do believe the investment is worth it. Google is great at many, many things but keyword research and keyword targeting is not their forté.  I use one called Jaaxy and I will discuss the pros and cons of this one in another post soon, but for now we will just talk in general about keywords.

Simple Keyword Research Technique

Start by going to the YouTube and Google home pages. Go to the search bar and type in your topic. As you begin to type the words in the search box, the sites automatically have a drop down box with suggested phrases with the main word.

These phrases are usually the words people type in surrounding your topic. You can start by using these phrases as some of your keywords when you’re ready to tag your videos. Try to use the same keywords over and over again, using variations of it, so that Google recognizes you as an authority within this subject matter.

3. How To Do Website Promotion Within Your Video

Video marketing is a perfect way to attract people to your website because of your ability to control the narrative.

As the content creator, you also have the ability to control the editing process. There are a few ways you can naturally place your website within the video.

At the beginning of the video, welcome and thank those who are watching. Invite them to like and comment on the video. It’s also a good time to ask them to subscribe.

As part of your greeting, introduce yourself and let your audience know where your online home (website) is located. As you say the name of the website, include text in the video that pops up and shares the exact spelling and website domain.

Subliminal messaging is another great tactic with website promotion within your videos. In the corner or the bottom of the video, keep the website address on the screen. Make sure the colors don’t clash or cancel out the text.

Lastly, you can choose to share the website information as part of your call-to-action.

By the time people watch your content, they will have made a decision about what they’d like to do. The end of the video is your last chance to convince them to like, comment, share and subscribe to your channel. It’s also the perfect time to encourage viewers to visit your website.

Video Description

In addition to keeping the website address visible within the edited video, it’s also good to keep a clickable link to the website in the description box and any other relevant information. The more you share in the description the more they will view you as an authority.

4. Quality

Shooting Videos

If your videos are poorly made and are of low quality, don’t expect people to take you or your brand seriously. It truly isn’t difficult to produce high-quality video content. In fact, with all the pristine videos within Web 2.0, it’s inexcusable to produce sub-par content.

You don’t need incredibly costly equipment to begin the process either. As you’re starting out, use your smartphone to record videos if you don’t have a DSLR or point and shoot camera. Smartphone cameras are excellent and product movie-worthy content.

Lighting is another factor you’ll want to remember. If you have a lighting set-up, that’s great. If you’d like one, Amazon and local tech stores have tons of options. If you don’t have either option yet, natural sunlight is ideal anyway. Try shooting in the early morning hours for the best shots.

Using Screencast Software

The other option if you making a training video related to something on your pc you can use screencasting software.

CamStudio – This is a free software download for recording your computer screen. I know many who use this software although I did not like it too much.

How to Use Video Marketing to Attract People to Your Website

Screencast-O-Matic – This has a free and a paid version. I liked this one so much I got the paid version which is only $15/year or $29/3 years. Well worth the small price.

[picture]How to Use Video Marketing to Attract People to Your Website

There are so many advantages for using videos to attract targeted traffic to your site.

While some people may get overwhelmed with trying to make a video that is of studio quality, sometimes the ones that are honest and personal rank better than any pro video.

Focus on these four steps on how to use video marketing to attract people to your website and your video successes will become a re-occurring event.

Happy Filming!!

If you had enjoyed this post please “share” so others can also benefit from it!

If you have any questions or comments or you would like to offer your own personal review or feedback please share your thoughts within the comment form at the very bottom of this page.



What Is Long Tail Pro And Is It Worth It?

10 Apr 17
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Everyone in the field of online marketing has faced the strategy of keyword targeting in optimizing campaigns. If you have not then you should! Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool to find the best keywords to use in your articles.

Using keywords to optimize your articles for search engines is the number 1 way to get traffic without paying for services like an Adwords campaign.

If you skim the popular SEO related forums right now you will find dozens of newly posted threads dealing with keywords in general, and long tail keywords in particular.

So what are the pros and cons of targeting these longer, niche specific keywords in search engine optimization?

We will be discussing some of them in the following article and how Long Tail Pro can benefit you.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool

Long tail keywords are those longer search queries that have lower competition.  A typical long tail keyword will have at least 4 words at minimum.

In searching for keywords to rank for you want ones that are with less competition, which means that they generate less traffic compared to shorter more lucrative keywords.

Why would you want to do that you ask? Good question. 

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kindle autopilot

What Is Kindle Autopilot For Publishing?

08 Apr 17
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Are you interested in becoming a self-publisher and selling books on Amazon for Kindle but don’t know how to get started? Then Kindle Autopilot is for you.

I have heard all of the people who say how great it is to publish some books and sit back and reap the sales.

But it is a massive undertaking that I hesitate to start.  Write a book? Me? Idk.

Kindle Autopilot To The Rescue

You can be an entrepreneur who wants to add another vertical to their business or someone how has an idea for a book but don’t feel like you have the talent to write it.

It can actually be for anyone since you don’t have to do the work yourself. I will explain.

What You Will Get

When you order Kindle Autopilot you will receive 33 video training courses that will teach you step-by-step how to outsource the writing to receive a quality ebook for publishing.

The main focus of the program is to outsource every aspect if it from start to finish.

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cash crate

Can You Make Money With Cash Crate?

07 Apr 17
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Everywhere I go when searching for ways to make money at home I find people recommending Cash Crate.

I don’t see any actual evidence that these people are making money but of course their links are affiliate (referral) links which got me thinking.

Do they actually do the surveys and make money or is it all in the referral program that they make money? Read on to find the truth.

What Is Cash Crate?

We have all seen the survey sites advertised. Inbox Dollars is a big one along with Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks. Cash Crate seems to be the newest rising star, although it has been around since 2006, it seems to be popping right now.

I signed up, through an affiliate link, to check it out and see if it was worth. Now keep in mind I have tried the others but gave up due to one thing:

It takes a lot of time to answer the questions to see if you qualify for the survey and I only qualified for about 1% of the surveys so I was just wasting time.

I found that Cash Crate is no different. Surveys are surveys, no matter what site you use and I don’t seem to qualify for them.

I have tried changing my answers to see what happens and still “fail”. I cannot figure out what they are looking for but it certainly is not me.

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Is The Art Of Inbound Link Building Dead?

06 Apr 17
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inbound-link-buildingThe term “inbound link building” has become a buzz in the industry to optimize your blog for search engines, and it is clear why.

There are many benefits to inbound link building and it has been found to make a significant and positive contribution to the overall range, popularity and traffic to the site that incorporates it.

You will find some that refer to this as inbound marketing which is exactly what it is.

You are marketing your site on other sites to achieve unpaid traffic sources. The more links or high quality sites the more traffic you will receive.

What exactly are inbound links and how they can use to improve your site? Read on to understand.

Inbound Link Building Defined

You will see these referred to often as “backlinks” and are simply links on other sites which when clicked, return to your site.

“Inbound link building” is the process of developing links “incoming” on their sites to drive traffic to your site and improve your search engine ranking.

Inbound links can dramatically improve your search engine ranking in several ways.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017

19 Mar 17
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wealthy-affiliate-profileAre you looking to better your life and take control of it? So was I, and I did! I am going to show you in this Wealthy Affiliate Review everything you need to know to start your own online business.  

I have been a member for 6 months and still going strong. This is a community for the newbie and experienced marketer alike. You will always learn something new every time you log in like I do.

I will detail the pros and cons of being a free member – or a paid member and I will present my financial achievement at the end. 

If you have any questions you can comment below or send me a private message via my profile page.

How To Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate?

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Katie Mullen and I have been blogging for years. I had installed Google Adsense on my blogs but at pennies a click I never saw a big return.

I have always wanted to have a successful business to quit working for and making others rich. But I also just like blogging.

One day I came across a blog that looked great, had great articles and pictures and a review of Wealthy Affiliate. Well I was skeptical. I had heard of affiliate marketing but didn’t pay it no mind.

So I read the review of Wealthy Affiliate and I clicked the link. I took a look around on the site and  I knew I  wanted to get serious about making money. It was time to take my blogging up another notch.

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10 Actions To Take To Increase Your Social Media Traffic

11 Feb 17
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Anyone who is blogging or running a website knows that traffic is that all elusive phantom that makes or breaks a site.

If one of your primary goals is to significantly increase your blog traffic, you may find that harnessing the influence of social media traffic, is a cost effective way to increase your blog’s hits.

Social media marketing is one of the top forms of marketing that you have to utilize to be successful, right up there with email list building, or you may fade off into the sunset.

All of these marketing tactics together with monetizing your site, via affiliate marketing will ensure your success in the long run.

Remember, success does not happen overnight. It takes hard work, whether it is a brick-and-mortar store or a website.

To discover how to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, to drive social media traffic to your blog, simply continue reading.

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