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How to Build a List and Get the Email Leads You’re Missing

07 Feb 17

Email marketing is by far one of the most profitable and useful marketing tools you can use– and it is also ridiculously easy to do.

However, if you have no experience with email marketing or finding email leads, you may feel a little lost on what exactly you need to do.

We put together an ultra useful guide to understanding the importance of email leads and email marketing and how to successfully implement email marketing for your business’ success.

Ready to learn some serious knowledge? Check out our awesome guide!

Why Bother With Email Leads?

It’s less about why you should bother with email leads as it is about why your business can’t afford to go without them.

Email marketing, like a lot of affiliate marketing, is an easy way to gain traffic without spending a ton of cash. In fact, most of the email-building tactics we’re going to cover can be done for free.

Once you’ve found your profitable niche for your business, you’ll need to start looking into every kind of marketing your can to increase traffic and, in time, tangible profits.

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How To Start Your Own Blog For Fun Or Profit

29 Jan 17
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The number one thing you need to start earning affiliate commissions is a website with a blog on it. I will be going over how to start your own blog and you will see how easy it is to do.

You can be an affiliate without a website but the best way I have found is with an actual website.

Creating a website is an easy feat these days and no longer requires coding knowledge.

Blogs are websites and websites can be blogs so don’t get confused between the two. Websites can be other things like eCommerce stores but with blogs on them.

Most platforms that you use have the blogging platform coded and set-up for you so you can create one and get started writing immediately.

Be Committed!

The biggest reason people fail at online marketing is because they quit. They are not getting any return in just a few short months so they lose interest.

It takes time to succeed!

There are many stages to creating the website, starting with finding a web host to host your site. You will also have to select a domain name and research is important to finding a good one.

Once you have all this in place you are now ready to rock and roll and it is really quite easy to learn how to set up your own blog these days.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

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Top 10 Advantages Of Being An Affiliate Marketer

26 Jan 17
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You asked for it, so here it is. My top 10 advantages of being and affiliate marketer.

  1. Affiliate marketing can be started with a very small budget and you can start earning money online as soon as you start getting traffic.
  2. The barriers to entry are low, everyone can do this.
  3. It is your own business. You are the boss!
  4. As an affiliate you have no inventory and do not have to worry about customer support, shipping, returns, etc.
  5. Affiliate programs are free to join and you can choose who to promote.
  6. Monetize an already existing website you own or create one.
  7. No experience required!
  8. The affiliate programs that you sign up for provide the affiliate links and banners that you promote. No html knowledge needed. Simply copy the code and paste in a widget (WordPress) or create a textual link like this. Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It A Scam?
  9. The merchants you sign up with also offer excellent support because if you bring them traffic you bring them money. They want to keep their affiliates happy.
  10. There is an affiliate program for absolutely anything you can think of.

If you have any questions or comments or you would like to offer your own personal review or feedback please share your thoughts within the comment form at the very bottom of this page.


10 Facts For Choosing Your Perfect Domain Name

28 Dec 16

You have a niche picked out but are stuck on choosing your perfect domain name. I’ve been there and I am here to help.

You only get one chance to pick your domain so it carries a lot of weight and pressure.

Articles are so much easier. Write an article and it sparks an idea for a future article, no big deal, write it. But choose a domain name and start building your website and an article sparks “that perfect domain name” but it is too late.

So you need to spend time and research before choosing one, but then you have to hope it is available OR you have to start all over again. (You can buy new domain and redirect old one, more about that at a later date).

dot.orgThe domain name becomes your identity and the name of your website. Just think of Yahoo and Google. You know exactly what those domains are. What their identity or “brand” is.

Don’t be afraid to spell it a little different. Take for instance “Froot Loops” a well-known name but spelled in its own way.

There are people who buy up domains and resell them at at high profit. Two big names in the business, Mike Mann and Yun Ye made millions just buying and selling domain names. So you may not find what you are looking for available right now or it is for sale at a high price from “Domainers”.

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Online Surveys – Top Legit Sites

25 Dec 16
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My most asked question I have gotten in my years of online marketing has been “what’s up with these online survey sites”?

Everyone wants to know if they are for real and can you make money. The answer is YES.

Not a lot of money but this falls into the extra income category.

Can you create a full-time income? NO

I recommend this for all who are in need of some extra cash every month and has time to spare. Personally I tried Amazon Turk which takes forever to actually make a full $1.00 but surveys are a faster way to make that $1.00.

Working a full-time job then blogging after work can wear you out and once it hits night time I am vegetating in front of the tv. Since turking was getting me nowhere I decided to try some survey sites.

This is still not at the top of the list for good ways to make money. Blogging and information product sales are at the top for me.

But it fills the gap when I am watching tv at night and too tired to do much else. I also do it during work sometimes since I work at home in IT support and A LOT of my job is waiting on systems to load or reboot. Gets real boring at times.

It is definitely at the top of the list as far as an easy way to make extra income and if you stick with the well-known survey sites you will not get scammed.

How Do Survey Sites Work?

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Beware Of Invite 2 Share – Fake Income Opportunity

24 Dec 16
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Invite2shareInvite2Share formerly known as Fans2Earn claims to pay it members for doing tasks and activities. But is it legit? Can you really get paid? Or is it just another rip-off?

(Fans2Earn now redirects to Invite2Share so they are one and the same.)

Initial Impression

Landing page is simple enough as seen in the picture. Does not go into much detail on exactly what kinds of tasks and activities you have to do.

So I signed up to test them out. One thing that did stand out to me were the typos. Paypay instead of PayPal. Hmmm

What Is It About? Really, what?

The landing page after logging in tells you how much money you can make by promoting your referral link. And Violà, I have $20 already just for signing up.earnings-invite-2-share

Well maybe this will not be too bad. So let’s make some real money.

So I looked and looked, (not too much to look at) and there are no tasks or activities. Pretty much it just says this:

How much can I earn?
You can earn without any limits, it depends solely on your efforts and how much you work to promote your link. Many of our top members are earning more than 200$ per day and 5,000$+ per month

So they just want you to bring in more people. But why? Hard to say. They say they are paying you to generate traffic to their advertiser’s website. But you got me where it’s located at.

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SEO Link Vine Review

18 Dec 16
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What is SEO Link Vine?

callens-seo-link-vineSEO Link Vine is a service to create unique quality backlinks to your website or blog created by Brad Callen.

It is designed to help your website rank higher in search engines as an authoritative site.

It gradually obtains quality backlinks from other sites in a natural way from  authoritative websites in your niche.

This is a well-known strategy which he takes one-step further then the basic article marketing link building strategy or PBN, Private Blog Network.

SEO Link Vine has been around for 6 years and it has time tested proof that it works. I decided to give it a go along with The Hoth link building.

How does it work?

Callen has created an SEO Link Vine network that uses blogs created by users that links to your content (in similar niches) slowly over time. This slow link building process is the way to get quality links for ranking and not just linking to irrelevant websites.

Backlinking use to be just full of spamming to any site out there whether it was related to your niche or not. Even if it was just your link in a comment on a blog. That used to help with ranking but does not work anymore.

Therefore, in order to build quality links faster you can use this system.

You can still do it the old fashioned way using only SEO to draw traffic, slowly, over time or jumpstart your linking naturally with Callen’s system.

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Types Of Affiliate Marketing Explained

11 Dec 16
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Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome ProgramYou will come across many acronyms in your search for an affiliate program. It can get very confusing until you learn the terminology.

Some of the variations are below. It will depend on the merchant or the affiliate network which type you will see so get familiar with them right away so you will choose smartly.

Pay Per Performance (PPP)

PPP is the one that the merchants prefer so you will see this type most often. The merchant pays the affiliate when the required action is performed, such as a purchase or a new lead.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is the easiest way to earn money through affiliate marketing and also the hardest to get accepted to. Your approval to their affiliate program is more rigorous.

When someone clicks your link or banner they are taken to the merchant’s site and you get paid a set amount for the click.

They do not need to purchase anything for you to make money.

These are also the hardest to find when you are new to affiliate marketing. It will take some searching and applying to many programs individually or through an affiliate network to find some to start out with.

Otherwise, if you are denied save it for later and re-apply when you have more traffic.

The amount per click is usually small also, so it will only truly be beneficial when you have a lot of traffic. This is also why the merchants are picky in approvals. I say “more is more” in regards to how many affiliates you have in your program but they don’t look at it the same way.

(Not to be confused with Pay Per Click advertising through sites like Google Adsense. Whole different ball-game.)

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What is Google Sniper 3.0? – My Review

10 Dec 16
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google-sniper-3Google Sniper 3.0  teaches you how to create a site that will rank high in search engines which they calls “sniper sites”.

It is focused on affiliate marketing and ranking in search engines to get a lot of visitors. The more visitors you get, the more clicks, the more money you make.

George Brown, the creator, modeled the training on what he did to build up a successful internet marketing business.

He started this back in 2010 and it has helped many individuals over the years to be successful in affiliate marketing. If you watch the sales pitch it will say

“Hurry, I am just releasing this to the general public right now! It is only available for this one time price $47 right now”

and the headline says:   $2,293.26 Per Day From My Laptop

This program has built up a huge following and went viral not long after it’s release.

In The Beginning…..

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Affilorama – Affiliate Marketing – Scam Or Legit?

05 Dec 16
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Affilorama – Product Review


(Not an affiliate anymore, just my review)

Do you want to make money online at the pool with a drink by your side?

No doubt you have seem headlines like this one.

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training program that you can do by the pool with a drink by your side. No you will not get rich overnight earning $1000’s per month with “passive income”.

This is a great training website to join to learn the steps to building your online presence. The end result is what you make of it.

There are free video lessons on how to get started in the business and you can upgrade to premium to take it all a step further at any time.

This program was founded by Mark Ling in 2005 and has helped 10’s of thousands over the years. Some successes and some not as in all businesses.

What it is not

It is not a get rich quick scheme.

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