How to Build a List and Get the Email Leads You’re Missing

Email marketing is by far one of the most profitable and useful marketing tools you can use– and it is also ridiculously easy to do.

However, if you have no experience with email marketing or finding email leads, you may feel a little lost on what exactly you need to do.

We put together an ultra useful guide to understanding the importance of email leads and email marketing and how to successfully implement email marketing for your business’ success.

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Why Bother With Email Leads?

It’s less about why you should bother with email leads as it is about why your business can’t afford to go without them.

Email marketing, like a lot of affiliate marketing, is an easy way to gain traffic without spending a ton of cash.

In fact, most of the email-building tactics we’re going to cover can be done for free.

Once you’ve found your profitable niche for your business, you’ll need to start looking into every kind of marketing your can to increase traffic and, in time, tangible profits.

The biggest reason you should invest time into reaching email leads is potential profit.

Email leads can directly lead to higher conversion rates, and all it takes is a little time.

Implementing email-building tactics into your business is so easy it’s crazy.

Usually, you’ll just have to tweak certain aspects of your business to get more emails or add a few new elements to your website’s home page.

You don’t need to be well-versed in computers or spend a ton of time on email marketing, either.

So what do you have to lose?

Build An Email List For Email Leads 101

This guide has some seriously easy tips and tricks for boosting conversion rates through email leads. Check it out!

Put Up A Landing Page

A landing page is a section of your website that is directed by a link on another web page, typically your website’s homepage.

Landing pages typically have one specific objective, whether it be contact information, an “about us” section, or email marketing signup.

Landing pages are a great way to build your email list.

Dedicating a landing page to getting a visitor’s email “promises” more content.

When a visitor provides their email, they are essentially saying that they want an upgrade in the content they are receiving.

Push perks like free guides, videos, and mailing list goodies when creating a landing page for emails.

There are several ways you can create an attention-grabbing but not annoying email landing page:

  • Welcome mats. These pages typically pop up as static pages when a visitor accesses your home page for the first time. These welcome mats can either be exited out of or providing an email address will make it disappear.
  • Signup Forms. In a sidebar, you can create a static “signup form” or contact form for people to subscribe.
  • Links. You could also provide a unique link that is visibly different from the rest of your navigation that will grab attention. This link should lead to its own independent landing page for email signup.

Clean Up Your Home Page

Nearly 86% of visitors to your site will stay long enough to learn a bit more about what you’re offering.

This means that your home page is very important for getting those email leads. Make sure your home page looks great and is very user-friendly.

On top of looks and usability, you’ll need to make sure your visitors can easily access your email list signup from your home page.

  • You can do this in several different ways:
  • A home page signup form.
  • An unobtrusive banner at the top of your website that solicits email signups.
  • A pop-up email signup box that is either initiated from the home page or is timed.

Blog Post Buddies

Never neglect blog posts on your website when it comes to marketing!

Even if your home page isn’t getting a ton of views directly, well-marketed blog posts can really bring in your audience. It’s all about the content.

A blog post “buddy” is an email signup box that scrolls along with a particular blog post a visitor is reading on your website.

Think maybe 60% of the screen is the blog post and 40% is the eye-catching email signup box.

The email signup box on a blog post should never be intrusive.

Have you ever tried to read a genuinely interesting article and the website owner’s welcome mat annoyingly popped up and covered up all the text?

If a visitor is trying to read something interesting, they are more likely to click out of your solicitation for their email than actually give it to you.

A great solution to this is to have the signup box to the right of the blog post.

This way, the reader will have two places to look– the blog post and the email signup box.

This gentle encouraging nudge to subscribe in an accessible way if you liked what you read is a great way to boost conversion rates and not annoy the heck out of your readers.

Use Your Products And Services

Outside of your website, there’s a ton of ways you can collect the email addresses you need through your actual products and services.

There are many ways to do this:

  • If you have a physical store, offer an “emailed receipt” option that also signs them up for your mailing list.
  • If you have an online store, always include a field for entering an email address during checkout.
  • Offer a discount or access to coupons if a visitor provides their email address.
  • Offer a free gift in exchange for an email.
  • Start pre-ordering a product before it is complete to collect emails.

You should use as much of your business’ elements to snatch up email addresses as possible.

Get The Email Leads Your Business Is Craving

Was our guide to email leads and how to build an email list helpful to your business?

Give us your thoughts, as well as your favorite tips for reaching email leads, in the comments below!stages-of-affiliate-marketing

7 thoughts on “How to Build a List and Get the Email Leads You’re Missing

  1. What email opt in do you recommend? I’m just using Google Feedburner for now and so far nobody has opted in yet. Then again my site is only a couple months old. When should we expect to see people signing up to our list? How long does it take? I place my box at the end of every post, what do you think of that tactic? Thanks for this.

    • Feedburner is so people can subscribe to your feed posts and read them in an RSS reader like Feedly. Not as popular as they used to be. The subject here is different. It is for email sign ups. This way you have people who want your emails to their inbox and you can create an RSS feed email with that. Then they get an email when you post new content which brings them back to your site to read more.

  2. I am still debating with the idea of doing email marketing. Why not do it? Because generally I don’t click emails if they look like marketing my self. That may be a mental block on my part, but I will have to work through that. I read a lot of articles stating how good it is for business, but…

    • I was seeing it everywhere too. Everyone says it’s all in the list. Then I sign up on websites and get these autoresponders and they really have it all together. So like they say “you don’t want to miss any opportunities” so I set it up to get sign ups and down the line I would build out the autoresponders part. It really is a good idea even if you don’t actually do much with it in the beginning. And you got to remember, these people may really like what you are saying and want more so don’t think of it is only marketing.

  3. Hi Katie!

    Awesome post, it certainly comes in handy. What plugins do you recommend for e-mail ? Also, what pop – up subscribing messages do you recommend?

    Thank you for your answers!

    • It took a lot of trial and error to get things set up the way I wanted it on my site. I tried SumoMe then MailChimp, but switched to Aweber.

      Then came the plug-in dilemma. I’ve tried so many plug-ins and they sucked so I would un-install and go back to the drawing board. One day I came across a Youtube video talking about PopupAlly and have not looked back since. I love it!

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