Can You Make Money With Cash Crate?

Everywhere I go when searching for ways to make money at home I find people recommending Cash Crate.

I don’t see any actual evidence that these people are making money but of course their links are affiliate (referral) links which got me thinking.

Do they actually do the surveys and make money or is it all in the referral program that they make money? Read on to find the truth.

What Is Cash Crate?

We have all seen the survey sites advertised. Inbox Dollars is a big one along with Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks.

Cash Crate seems to be the newest rising star, although it has been around since 2006, it seems to be popping right now.

I signed up, through an affiliate link, to check it out and see if it was worth.

Now keep in mind I have tried the others but gave up due to one thing:

It takes a lot of time to answer the questions to see if you qualify for the survey and I only qualified for about 1% of the surveys so I was just wasting time.

I found that Cash Crate is no different. Surveys are surveys, no matter what site you use and I don’t seem to qualify for them.

I have tried changing my answers to see what happens and still “fail”. I cannot figure out what they are looking for but it certainly is not me.

Not Just Surveys

I found a videos tab and figure that would be okay to do.

But I could not find any actual videos on the page. More surveys and sign ups.

They have offers for you to sign up at other similar companies earn a varying degree of money like Kellogg’s, Shoppers Voice, and other survey sites.

Bonus offers, includes signing up at companies that charge for their services which is great if it is something you would use anyway, like

But I am not paying to join a company that will charge me monthly just to earn a few bucks.

These offers usually only pay out once you have made your first month’s payment to them so — costing you money to make money.

So at this point I pretty much was disgusted since it is the same ole same ole survey bull.

Cash Crate Referral Program

Then I decided to research what others have to say about it and I found everyone claiming it is awesome, come and join but no actual success stories until this. SurveyChris has posted checks he received from Cash Crate.

He is not making a killing but pulling in some bucks. Unless he is a master at faking checks I guess we can believe him.

I also went to Warrior Forum and found a person posting about it but it seems more like an advertisement to sign up with their affiliate link and sure enough if you scroll down they go on to explain the referral program pay scale.

Make More Money!!

So one of the most glaring inconsistencies I found was when I saw the GoDaddy sign ups.

$6.50 to sign up and buy a domain name OR get the website builder.

But as you will see below the picture, in the blue box, the reality is you can earn 15% revenue on signups so Cash Crate is cleaning up on this one offer.



Team up with Go Daddy, the world’s #1 domain name registrar! Earn up to 15% revenue share and up to $100 on new 12 month hosting plan orders! 

Commissionable Items include domain names, website builders, ecommerce solutions, hosting plans, Office 365 products, email marketing and more!

The Personal Go Daddy website builder which is the lowest cost one is $5.99/mo ($71.88/yr). So you can earn $10 per sign up at this basic level if you create your own website and become a Go Daddy affiliate.

I dug a little deeper and went to SimilarWeb to find out traffic statistics. In March they had 560,000 visitors.

If a small amount signed up for Go Daddy with them say 100 people out of that number they rake in $1,000 and pay out $650. Profit of $350 for them and that is just one of the programs that they offer.

Just imagine what some of those 560,000 people are signing up for and how much Cash Crate is making per month.

So I came back to my website and away from the survey site. Just not worth it to me.

You Too Can Have Your Own Website

If you are really looking for a way to earn money online I recommend you start your own website and become an affiliate yourself.

This is a lot easier to do than you think. You do not need to know any coding or computer science, just knowledge about affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and social networking.

And face it we all do social networking already. You can check out the video below to see how quick and easy it is to set up a WordPress website.

You can set up a blog, and ecommerce store or forum or even your own survey site. Just takes a little bit of no how and learn the rest as you go.

You do not need a lot of money to get started but you will need to invest time to get it up and running and to maintain it.

So if you are afraid of a little work that produces a lot of income stick with the survey sites.

I have been doing this for 6 months and my income is growing at a steady pace, through affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and ebook sales.

You will not make money overnight but you will be making a decent monthly income way over and above what you could possibly make by signing up with survey sights.

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