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Affilorama – Affiliate Marketing – Scam Or Legit?

05 Dec 16
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Affilorama – Product Review


(Not an affiliate anymore, just my review)

Do you want to make money online at the pool with a drink by your side?

No doubt you have seem headlines like this one.

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training program that you can do by the pool with a drink by your side. No you will not get rich overnight earning $1000’s per month with “passive income”.

This is a great training website to join to learn the steps to building your online presence. The end result is what you make of it.

There are free video lessons on how to get started in the business and you can upgrade to premium to take it all a step further at any time.

This program was founded by Mark Ling in 2005 and has helped 10’s of thousands over the years. Some successes and some not as in all businesses.

What it is not

It is not a get rich quick scheme.

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CB Passive Income Review

06 Nov 16
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cb passive incomeCB Passive Income is an email marketing system designed for the beginner new Internet Marketing. It uses a classic sales funnel where you get people to sign up and earn a commission, 50% – 70%.

Don’t get me wrong, this is also used by many experienced marketers who have multiple streams of income. The smart ones do not put all their eggs in one basket.

I am writing this CB Passive Income Review after using it for 6 months to give some details on it and share my promising results. Read on to see if it is for you too!

Passive income is all over the internet but in truth it takes a lot of hard work to set it up and start reaping the rewards and no guarantee that what you build will be successful.

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Empower Network Review

31 Oct 16
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Empower Network provides marketing training, information products and a blogging platform. They “claim” to help you make a substantial income online without having to go through all the scams that so many fall into when trying to create an online business. I have researched them and decided to post this Empower Network Review to educate you so you can make an informed decision before paying any money.

This is your basic network marketing/multi-level marketing (MLM) business model.

Companies that use MLM models for compensation have been a frequent subject of criticism and lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of products, high initial entry costs (for marketing kit and first products), emphasis on recruitment of others over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring members to purchase and use the company’s products, exploitation of personal relationships as both sales and recruiting targets, complex and exaggerated compensation schemes, the company and/or leading distributors making major money off training events and materials, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion. (, 2016)

Get more information on Multi-Level Marketing at (Federal Trade Commission).

Empower Network Review – What they do for you

They have what they call Blog Beast, which is their blogging and is part of your signup fee. They include information products to teach you how to make money online with their blogging platform. You then sell these products to others and receive commissions.

It is a viral blogging technique that used to be all the rage but Google does not rank these high anymore. Google is looking for unique content not re-hashed content from site to site.

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