Finding A Profitable Niche

finding a profitable niche“Niche” is another word for the topic of your website or blog.

Finding a profitable niche is just a matter of taking your subject and doing a little research

You NEED to make your niche something you are passionate about.

Remember you will need to work on this constantly to build up your site – so you cannot lose interest in the subject matter!

Nothing will kill a website faster than if you lose interest in your subject and stop writing.

You can outsource your writing to keep it going though, so there are options.

But best to pick something that has been one of your main interests for many, many years.

There are a few tools you can use to find your exact niche and a domain name specific to your niche.

TIP #1 – Just to give you a heads up before you do anything – DO NOT choose a domain name with a symbol in it like this one: It needs to be easy and people type the name and boom they are there. But who is gonna remember that hyphen on that site name? Examples: EASY. EASY. Try to keep domain name to one or two words

Finding A Profitable Niche – Option #1


This is a free tool that you can use to aid you in drilling down your topic to get more specific.

The reason for this is if your topic is dogs you have a lot of competition., You get the idea.

You have to drill down to find a specific area related to dogs to focus on so your competition is not as high.

Let’s say you want to write dog training. The Keyword Tool would be helpful to narrow down the subject.

Finding A Profitable Niche – Option #2


If you have an idea for the subject but cannot figure it out from the keyword tool there is another way to drill down the niche.

If you do not have an account with Clickbank sign up with them.

They are easy to join and you get immediate approval.

There you will find 1,000’s of products to promote and earn a commission.

You can search to see what is popular and what pays good money and focus your website on that specific area.

Read this guide to what all the affiliate marketing terms mean.

By searching Clickbank with the tools in the video you find out what your market wants and give it to them.

Creating content around the subject of the products you want to promote or review the products along with helpful posts to develop a voice in your niche so they will come back for more.


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