How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss

How To Get More Traffic Like A BossHave a website and no one is coming?

That is the biggest obstacle for affiliate marketers and I will show you 6 easy steps on how to get more traffic like a boss.

Face it…..

===> Without traffic your site will not make money.

Think of traffic as the life of your website and the content the body.

The body just lies there with out the traffic bringing life and interaction with it.

Content is the easy part, traffic is the difficult part.

How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss

#1 is Social Media.

With billions on Facebook, Twitter and Google + and all the others sharing is your first step to reach people.

And it is so easy……..

===> Just publish your content and share.

Ask others to also share when they read your content and find it interesting.

While all the social networks are big and important, site owners need to realize the benefit of Google +.

It is OWNED by Google…….Google likes Google. 

So growing your Google + presence it huge to your Google search results.

People have a tendency to forget this or ignore it. Make Google + your number 1 priority.

Build it, grow it and share to it!!

social media wagon How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss

#2 Find Influencers In Your Niche

Who is your competition?

Google your niche and the top 10 results will be who are your biggest competitors.

===> Visit their sites.

Find articles of interest and comment on them. Include a link back to your site.

BUT always post helpful, rich comments that add value. DO NOT SPAM!

Your comment will not be approved if it reads like spam.


You can also get ideas from their content on what to write about.

The more content you have = the more pages indexed in search engines = more traffic.

#3) Quora and Reddit

These two sites are a valuable way to generate traffic. But both have to have content rich posts are you will become roadkill on their sites.

As with Google + you have to build up your presence as someone who has something worthwhile to say and not a spammer.

#4) Make It Shareable

Create social pictures with headlines using Canva or a similar editor. Use videos and infographics. People love sharing these.

google search console How To Get More Traffic Like A Boss#5) Google Webmaster Tools

Sign into your Google Webmaster Tools account and got to “Fetch As Google”.

Let Google know you have new content. Once it is fetched make sure you “Request Indexing”.

Google will do this in time, but by letting Google know you have new content you can get the new post indexed and found in search engines much quicker.

#6) XML Sitemap

While you are in your Webmaster Tools account submit a new site map.

This is very helpful for newer sites with a lower amount of content to make sure Google “sees” you.

You don’t have to submit a new site map for every post but at least do it for every 3rd post.


These are fast and easy ways on how to get more traffic like a boss but let us never forget the foundation keys.

Using these elements as your foundation and the traffic generating techniques will bring in the people. Be consistent!

Have a writing schedule, sharing schedule and build your authority and you will find your numbers grow in no time.

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