How To Start Your Own Blog For Fun Or Profit

The number one thing you need to start earning affiliate commissions is a website with a blog on it.

I will be going over how to start your own blog and you will see how easy it is to do.

You can be an affiliate without a website but the best way I have found is with an actual website.

Creating a website is an easy feat these days and no longer requires coding knowledge.

Blogs are websites and websites can be blogs so don’t get confused between the two.

Websites can be other things like eCommerce stores but with blogs on them.

Most platforms that you use have the blogging platform coded and set-up for you so you can create one and get started writing immediately.

Be Committed!

The biggest reason people fail at online marketing is because they quit. They are not getting any return in just a few short months so they lose interest.

It takes time to succeed!

There are many stages to creating the website, starting with finding a web host to host your site. You will also have to select a domain name and research is important to finding a good one.

Once you have all this in place you are now ready to rock and roll and it is really quite easy to learn how to set up your own blog these days.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

What is the website/blog about? Who cares about it? Who will read it? And what are they looking for when they search for content?

This is who you write for. So start your keyword research and writing your content.

Write and write and write. Eat, breathe and sleep your niche.

You have to have a decent website in place before ANY affiliate programs will approve you.

TIP # 1 Make sure you have set up your website email account with your webhost because you need to use that email to apply to programs.

How To Start Your Own Blog — Keep It Simple

If this is your first website keep it simple.

How to start your own blog is designed to just get you started with the basics so you get online now.

Some people get stuck and stagnate with planning before actually doing. Don’t do that!

Don’t get wrapped up in all the bell’s and whistle’s that everyone is selling either.

There is too much free information on how to start your own blog so don’t start by paying for so-called shortcuts to success.

It will waste your time. The website content is the main concern for the first few months.

Plain neutral color websites work best and you can easily switch templates later with most content management systems like WordPress and Weebly and others.


What need are you going to fulfill for your target audience?

List all subjects that pop into your mind related to it. That is your starter list for articles.

Do a Google search to find your competition and get some ideas on what are good topics.

I did that for this one ‘how to start your own blog’. I do it with all my articles. See what’s out there and do it better.

Expand Your Focus Later

Then you can expand your focus to products.

What products will help your audience in relation to what you are writing about?

Research products. Then apply to their affiliate program.

Maybe it is something you already use, or something you try out.

Write an honest review of the product with your affiliate link included.

TIP # 2 Don’t write the review before you are approved it can be annoying after all that work to get turned down.

You don’t have to be an affiliate with every product or service you write about.

Being serious about a niche will require mentioning products that you are not affiliated with and that is okay.

But just as an inclusion in your article. Not the main article.

Now The Juicy Part!

how-to-start-your-own-blogMake some money. Join those affiliate networks and gain access to 100’s of affiliate programs.

Of course, there are such a wide variety of programs and only a few will be relevant to your niche.

This is why I say join a few. Each one will have something different you can offer your readers.

To learn more about affiliate programs and networks you can read What Is Affiliate Marketing.

Where Are The People?

By optimizing your articles for SEO (search engine optimization) you can get ranked in Google.

Social media is also one of the biggest ways to get traffic to your site.

It does take time to get your blog noticed and traffic to steadily come to you.

The worst mistake people make, as I said above, is quitting when they do not see results right away.

You have to build authority in the niche you are in and you do this by writing quality content and people will come back to read more and share to their friends through social media to bring more traffic.

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing is a so-called “passive income” after you do the work up front. Then your articles and reviews are there forever for people to find and read and make you money.

The process is ongoing. There is always something new to learn.

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1 thought on “How To Start Your Own Blog For Fun Or Profit

  1. I can attest to people usually quitting their affiliate marketing because they don’t get any ROI for months. It’s enough to frustrate people. I learned this years ago. I used to get into niches I really didn’t care about. However, once the money didn’t come in I just gave up. I always tell people to get in niches they actually care about. Otherwise, it feels like work.

    Make sure the products or services you recommend get good feedback, though. Otherwise people will look down on your for recommending them junk. I always search Google to make sure people are not outraged by a product or service.

    How long have you been affiliate marketing? I have been doing it for 9+ years now 🙂

    • Hi Garen, we sound very similar. Although, once a site started making money then it kept my interest. For awhile. One I have it still doing great because it is a site of information that is always searched for. I don’t do much with it now. Just set it and forget. It has it limitations. Depends on how many students are enrolled in courses related to the content at any given time. Now if I could come up with a few more of those.

      I have been blogging for since 2009 but honestly not sure when affiliate marketing came into my life. It was not long after but at first it was just google adsense that I used.

      I agree with you on the research before recommending a product. I try things myself and if it is good I write about. Of course, if it is a really bad experience I write too to warn people so they can learn from my mistakes to try to keep others from making the same.

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