How to Use Video Marketing to Attract People to Your Website

How to use video marketing to attract people to your website is a really simple way to generate interest in your site.

With the millions of websites on the internet today, it might seem like an impossible feat for you to get viewers to your site without an extraordinary sum of money to pay for advertising.

However, not only is it possible, it isn’t that hard to execute.

What’s most important is consistency with these four tactics with video marketing and your website can see a steady flow of targeted traffic.

4 Tactics On How to Use Video Marketing To Your Advantage

1. Creating a Video with Value to the User

Time is a commodity no one can get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Knowing this, it is important to consider that when people spend their precious time watching your videos, you need to make sure they walk away with something more than an affiliate link.

Your main priority for your videos should be to inform and deliver value.

When people view your content as valuable and helpful, they’re more likely to do whatever you say and be a part of your following. Find different ways to deliver valuable information to your viewers.

Example 1, if you’re the owner of a handmade beauty products website, you can do makeup tutorials using the products from your line. You can also create videos explaining why certain ingredients in beauty products are detrimental to a person’s health and what the alternatives are.

These are two different ways of delivering value while selling your product to the masses through video marketing.

People who are interested in learning about handmade products and those who are interested in healthier ingredients will naturally gravitate toward your website after watching your video.

Example 2, The same concept applies to the head of a medical practice.

If your practice specializes in chiropractic care, share different tips on how a person can take care of their body from a chiropractor’s vantage point. For people who become patients, you can create a separate batch of videos that cover home care and recovery methods.

These videos can serve as a visual representation and reminder that reinforces what they’ve learned while they were in your office.

Tip: You do not have to show yourself in the video or focus on the person at all times. You can change it up with slides and animations and more. Get more tips here.

2. Using Keywords in Your Video Marketing Strategy

If people can’t find your videos, it makes no sense to make them. In fact, it would be a huge waste of time.

In order for people to discover your videos exist, you’ll need to utilize the power of search engine optimization.

The main element of search engine optimization is the keyword.  In order to know which keywords to use in your video, it’s wise to do some keyword research.

Google has its own analytics program and keyword research program that can be really useful and insightful. There are other programs on the market that help you figure out the best keywords to use as well.

The Google option is free, but most of the other programs cost money. Keep in mind that when it comes to your business and attracting targeted traffic, the investment is often worth its weight in gold.

Personally, I have used many different ones and I do believe the investment is worth it. Google is great at many, many things but keyword research and keyword targeting is not their forté.  I use one called Jaaxy and I will discuss the pros and cons of this one in another post soon, but for now we will just talk in general about keywords.

Simple Keyword Research Technique

Start by going to the YouTube and Google home pages. Go to the search bar and type in your topic. As you begin to type the words in the search box, the sites automatically have a drop down box with suggested phrases with the main word.

These phrases are usually the words people type in surrounding your topic. You can start by using these phrases as some of your keywords when you’re ready to tag your videos. Try to use the same keywords over and over again, using variations of it, so that Google recognizes you as an authority within this subject matter.

3. How To Do Website Promotion Within Your Video

Video marketing is a perfect way to attract people to your website because of your ability to control the narrative.

As the content creator, you also have the ability to control the editing process. There are a few ways you can naturally place your website within the video.

At the beginning of the video, welcome and thank those who are watching. Invite them to like and comment on the video. It’s also a good time to ask them to subscribe.

As part of your greeting, introduce yourself and let your audience know where your online home (website) is located. As you say the name of the website, include text in the video that pops up and shares the exact spelling and website domain.

Subliminal messaging is another great tactic with website promotion within your videos. In the corner or the bottom of the video, keep the website address on the screen. Make sure the colors don’t clash or cancel out the text.

Lastly, you can choose to share the website information as part of your call-to-action.

By the time people watch your content, they will have made a decision about what they’d like to do. The end of the video is your last chance to convince them to like, comment, share and subscribe to your channel. It’s also the perfect time to encourage viewers to visit your website.

Video Description

In addition to keeping the website address visible within the edited video, it’s also good to keep a clickable link to the website in the description box and any other relevant information. The more you share in the description the more they will view you as an authority.

4. Quality

Shooting Videos

If your videos are poorly made and are of low quality, don’t expect people to take you or your brand seriously. It truly isn’t difficult to produce high-quality video content. In fact, with all the pristine videos within Web 2.0, it’s inexcusable to produce sub-par content.

You don’t need incredibly costly equipment to begin the process either. As you’re starting out, use your smartphone to record videos if you don’t have a DSLR or point and shoot camera. Smartphone cameras are excellent and product movie-worthy content.

Lighting is another factor you’ll want to remember. If you have a lighting set-up, that’s great. If you’d like one, Amazon and local tech stores have tons of options. If you don’t have either option yet, natural sunlight is ideal anyway. Try shooting in the early morning hours for the best shots.

Using Screencast Software

The other option if you making a training video related to something on your pc you can use screencasting software.

CamStudio – This is a free software download for recording your computer screen. I know many who use this software although I did not like it too much.

How to Use Video Marketing to Attract People to Your Website

Screencast-O-Matic – This has a free and a paid version. I liked this one so much I got the paid version which is only $15/year or $29/3 years. Well worth the small price.

[picture]How to Use Video Marketing to Attract People to Your Website

There are so many advantages for using videos to attract targeted traffic to your site.

While some people may get overwhelmed with trying to make a video that is of studio quality, sometimes the ones that are honest and personal rank better than any pro video.

Focus on these four steps on how to use video marketing to attract people to your website and your video successes will become a re-occurring event.

Happy Filming!!

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