Is The Art Of Inbound Link Building Dead?

inbound-link-buildingThe term “inbound link building” has become a buzz in the industry to optimize your blog for search engines, and it is clear why.

There are many benefits to inbound link building and it has been found to make a significant and positive contribution to the overall range, popularity and traffic to the site that incorporates it.

You will find some that refer to this as inbound marketing which is exactly what it is.

You are marketing your site on other sites to achieve unpaid traffic sources.

The more links or high quality sites the more traffic you will receive.

What exactly are inbound links and how they can use to improve your site? Read on to understand.

Inbound Link Building Defined

You will see these referred to often as “backlinks” and are simply links on other sites which when clicked, return to your site.

“Inbound link building” is the process of developing links “incoming” on their sites to drive traffic to your site and improve your search engine ranking.

Inbound links can dramatically improve your search engine ranking in several ways.

If the site that links to you is important and regularly indexed by search engines like Google, for example, the search engine will be able to find your site quickly.

Inbound links from popular, high authority sites  make your site more visible to Google when it crawls those sites. 

Search engines also rate your website according to the and use that number to determine the relevance of the website for specific search terms.

The more interest the higher the rank, which results in more potential customers visiting your site.

Keep in mind that 85 percent of internet users go to search engines to find specific products and services.

Improve your search engine ranking through incoming links, and you will surely be able to reach a larger market at any time.

Traffic Will Come

inbound-link-buildingInbound links can generate significant traffic to your site.

Some of your potential customers will come to you through the links coming into your site from elsewhere.

This is why it is important to network with owners of sites that cater to your niche.

You should also try to get inbound links to their business partners and suppliers.

Most would be likely to give you inbound links, because they already know and have some history of doing business with you.

How To Implement Inbound Link Building

The value of inbound links can be identified by the fact that their presence is crucial for increasing the page rank of your site and increase your search engine ranking factor.

It is recommended not only for Google, but for all inbound marketing consultants.

Link popularity can be improved in a very short time increasing the quality of inbound links and the amount involved.

But the question may arise in your mind how to draw these connections? Building links with efficiency should be the basis for a strategic online campaign to increase your link popularity.

5 Easy Ways To Inbound Link Building

Optimized Press Release

Building connections in a statement including the URL of your site in the reference block in the end is gaining popularity because of the heavy traffic that could result and attract inbound links from news portals.

All you have to do is write quality content and submit it to these news aggregators.

You can also have a press release professionally written and publish for you on very authoritative, real news sites using sources such as The Hoth.

Discussion participation

One of the best ways to get your link out there is to find forums that are related to your niche. Participate in these discussions at the forums before placing links to promote your business in your comments.

Many forums will require you to meet a certain post goal before you can create a signature link. This will increase the link popularity of your site from another inbound link every time you do.

Give Freebiesinbound link building

Offering free e-books, white papers, research papers, webinars, etc on all your social media pages.

This will increase the number of visitors to the site, which also serves to increase your rank to the major search engines.

Customer links

You can get natural inbound links to your site through the website of the client.

If you have a business website design, you can ask your customers to mention your URL on their website. This will bring more inbound links.

Directory Submission

Submitting  your site to free directories is a great way to build more inbound links although less emphasis is being placed on this as some directories have faded away, like Yahoo! Directory and but there are still plenty out there.

There are a large variety of directories on the internet, some free and some paid.

Just do a Google search and you will find 100’s of directories. 

You can start with any business partnerships you have with affiliate marketing or Amazon and local communities such as your Chamber of Commerce.

You must always keep in mind that you should prefer the quality over quantity.

As many quality links as possible should be your goal is to increase your page rank in directories. Look for any directories that are relevant to your business.

Final Thoughts

The are of inbound link building is most definitely not dead.

The days of building fake links through PBN’s is as Google has penalized these tactics with the last algorithm update.

These are the simplest strategies to generate more traffic to your website through inbound links, it just takes time.

Content is still and always will be king!

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