What Is Kindle Autopilot For Publishing?

Are you interested in becoming a self-publisher and selling books on Amazon for Kindle but don’t know how to get started?

Then Kindle Autopilot is for you.

I have heard all of the people who say how great it is to publish some books and sit back and reap the sales.

But it is a massive undertaking that I hesitate to start.  Write a book? Me? Idk.

Kindle Autopilot To The Rescue

You can be an entrepreneur who wants to add another vertical to their business or someone how has an idea for a book but don’t feel like you have the talent to write it.

It can actually be for anyone since you don’t have to do the work yourself. I will explain.

What You Will Get

When you order Kindle Autopilot you will receive 33 video training courses that will teach you step-by-step how to outsource the writing to receive a quality ebook for publishing.

The main focus of the program is to outsource every aspect if it from start to finish.

There are 25% important tasks, and 75% repetitive tasks and the creator of the course, Brian, will teach you which is which and what needs to have your approval before final purchase, such as the content and revisions.

You can outsource the repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant after you lay out the guidelines and they can even proofread your outsourced writing before you read it for final approval.

No more checking for grammatical errors and formatting errors. Leave it to your assistant.

Brian has a video for each task and breaks it down into systematic steps that you follow to reach your end goal, a well-written ebook.

The repetitive tasks he will show you how to get those automated with an assistant freeing your time for the more important tasks.

kindle autopilot

Here are some of what you will learn with Kindle Autopilot:

  • How to find what niches are hot on Amazon
  • How to find keywords for your niche
  • How to submit a book to a writing company
  • How to use Fiverr.com
  • How to upload a book to KDP
  • How to change book categories
  • How to change the price of a book and set up a free promotion
  • How to submit audiobook to ACX for production
  • Linking a book to an Amazon author account
  • How to upload a book to Createspace
  • How to make an offer and produce an audiobook on ACX


Now these you can do yourself or have your virtual assistant do for you but once the book is finished these are must haves:

  • Cover art
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction

Once the book is published you can get started on the same steps to get a 2nd ebook written and you are free to focus on marketing the book you have and getting positive customer reviews.

kindle autopilot

Who Is Kindle Autopilot For?

Everyone who wants to start selling a line of books. If you have already done so then you know the process and how time consuming it is. This will show you how to hand off the more mundane tasks and outsource your writing too to build onto your book store and grow your line.

It is also for the newbie who wants to publish books and just does not know how to get started.

Even if you do decide to write the book yourself you will benefit from how to get it published and get the cover created, and make a table of contents and so on.

I have my first ebook in the works and it has given me the time to write this article and many more. I want me ebook to be substantial and informative but without having to neglect my other sources of income.

Once the course has been completed, you will have no question unanswered, and immediately you will take your first steps forward to success. Click here to go to sign up page.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this program especially to students and self-publishers who are planning to publish several ebooks. And, the entrepreneurs should consider this video course to manage the overload of their existing kindle publishing work efficiently and to earn more money by doing less of the repetitive work.

This fits in nicely with my website as I can market it here also once it is finished. I have chosen a topic closely related to affiliate marketing and earning an online income.

If you do not yet have a website but are interested in doing so I highly recommend getting started the same way I did.

Be Your Own Boss!

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