What Is Long Tail Pro And Is It Worth It?

Everyone in the field of online marketing has faced the strategy of keyword targeting in optimizing campaigns.

If you have not then you should! Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool to find the best keywords to use in your articles.

Using keywords to optimize your articles for search engines is the number 1 way to get traffic without paying for services like an Adwords campaign.

If you skim the popular SEO related forums right now you will find dozens of newly posted threads dealing with keywords in general, and long tail keywords in particular.

So what are the pros and cons of targeting these longer, niche specific keywords in search engine optimization?

We will be discussing some of them in the following article and how Long Tail Pro can benefit you.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool

Long tail keywords are those longer search queries that have lower competition.  A typical long tail keyword will have at least 4 words at minimum.

In searching for keywords to rank for you want ones that are with less competition, which means that they generate less traffic compared to shorter more lucrative keywords.

Why would you want to do that you ask? Good question. 

long tail pro

There are many internet giants out there that have been around for years. They have 1,000’s of blog posts and have ranked for everything you can think of and are on page one of Google’s results.

But if you choose long tail keywords with less competition it means you have a higher chance of being found, generating traffic and moving on up to page 1 of Google’s search results.

Write 3-5 articles per week and get 1 or 2 ranked on page one in a month, every month, and Google will recognize your site as an authority site in no time and you will start to see all your pages moving up and generating traffic.

This is the best way gain a voice and be heard in any niche that has big name sites that you are competing with.

What Is Long Tail Pro And How Will It Help?

Long Tail Pro is a program  developed by Spencer Haws from NichePursuits.com. It is now a cloud based keyword search tool you can access on any browser. There are 3 plans available, as seen below.

  • Starter – 10,000 searches – $297 annually
  • Pro – 25,000 searches – $537 annually
  • Agency – 60,000 searches – $1,177 annually

Quite a generous amount of searches in the 3 plans and the average blogger would be good with the 10,000 searches because seriously, how many blog posts can you write in a month?

The Pro and the Agency would be more for if you are doing blog posts for others, creating websites, outsourcing writers to write articles, and so on.

Once you sign up you can then generate thousands of unique long tail keywords in a few minutes. It has a “Keyword Competitiveness (KC) tool built right into the results to find the low competition long tail keywords that you can tailor your article around.

The lower the KC score the keyword is the easier to rank for, simple as that.

Long Tail Pro University

Okay, now this is by far the best part of it all. With your annual membership, (any one of them) you get access to their university.

This is an SEO (search engine optimization) course that will teach how to do proper keyword research and incorporate SEO into every article.

long tail pro

You can go to Google’s free keyword tool but good luck navigating it and understanding it. I used that one all the time until I discovered Long Tail Pro and learned so much from their university.

I use a plug in called Yoast SEO and it has a color rating for your blog posts. I could never, ever get my colors to be green until I actually learned how through the university.

Now my articles always get the green light:


Final Thoughts

I have gained immense knowledge from Long Tail Pro and have been very happy with their service. The cost is high when you are just starting out and I found Wealthy Affiliate which has a free version which taught me so much. I then upgraded to their paid version and once I started seeing actual money coming in I really expanded and grew with what I then went on to learn at Long Tail Pro.

Where would I be without all the knowledge I gained? I would’ve given up like I have done in the past with blogging because I felt like I was writing to no one. No one came. No one read. It was all one-sided which seems kind of useless.

Which is how I came to realize I needed more instruction to be successful. Whatever program you sign up for I highly recommend that you become immersed in it and learn all you can and if needed go on to join another program. You can never have too much knowledge and I learn something new everyday.


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