Online Surveys – Top Legit Sites

My most asked question I have gotten in my years of online marketing has been “what’s up with these online survey sites”?

Everyone wants to know if they are for real and can you make money. The answer is YES.

Not a lot of money but this falls into the extra income category.

Can you create a full-time income? NO

I recommend this for all who are in need of some extra cash every month and has time to spare.

Personally I tried Amazon Turk which takes forever to actually make a full $1.00 but surveys are a faster way to make that $1.00.

Working a full-time job then blogging after work can wear you out and once it hits night time I am vegetating in front of the tv.

Since turking was getting me nowhere I decided to try some survey sites.

This is still not at the top of the list for good ways to make money. Blogging and information product sales are at the top for me.

But it fills the gap when I am watching tv at night and too tired to do much else.

I also do it during work sometimes since I work at home in IT support and A LOT of my job is waiting on systems to load or reboot.

Gets real boring at times.

It is definitely at the top of the list as far as an easy way to make extra income and if you stick with the well-known survey sites you will not get scammed.

How Do Survey Sites Work?

When you sign up for a site they will ask you questions related to your personal information and demographics, such as how many family members, how many under 18 and so on.

This information is important to the survey process.

Companies that are looking for a woman 21-35 years old with 2 children will qualify and be sent their survey, not just everyone who is signed up.

Helps to weed out the ones you do not qualify for and waste your time.

You will receive emails when you qualify for a survey and I suggest you create a new email specific to your surveys only.

Some companies will send you a lot of surveys and they can get lost very easily in your main email account if you get the amount of emails that an average person gets every day.

The key to making money with these sites is to sign up with all of them.

You will receive more opportunities this way to maximize your earning potential.

All the companies vary in payout. Some pay in cash but some pay in gift cards or even free products for you to review.

Check all the details before signing up to make sure you want what they are paying out. No sense in wasting time there if they don’t pay what you want.

Depending on the surveys available I have been able to make up to an extra $200 a month by doing these surveys at night while watching tv.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is probably the most well-known name in the business.

They do not just have surveys though.

They have a large variety of tasks from watching videos, rating websites, to earning swagbucks by shopping stores through their site.

Some of the stores available to shop are Macy’s, Old Navy, eBay and Amazon.

Sign Up Here For Swagbucks

2. Cash Crate



This one has been around for awhile and has 1,000’s of users. You earn with surveys, shopping online, and completing offers. This one is a pretty safe bet and I use this one pretty much daily.

Click To Join Cash Crate


3. Inbox Dollars


They have short daily surveys which I like better than the long drawn out ones. You get a $5.00 sign up bonus to start you off and they have other options if you get tired of the surveys, email adverts, surveys, games and other features.

This one has been around for 16 years.

If people did not make money then web owner would not and this would have gone down the tubes a long time ago.

Sign Up – $5.00 Sign Up Bonus

3. Easy Survey Cash




This sites has surveys and also focus groups and phone surveys.

This is good for those who are on the go a lot. Just plug in your blue tooth and start on the phone surveys while driving or riding the bus.

Easy Surveys Cash Sign Up


4. Paid Surveys At Home



This company has been around for 10 years now.

They will help weed out and provide you with a list of surveys you qualify for. A real time saver if you are serious about doing surveys for extra cash.

Paid Surveys At Home Sign Up

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