SEO Link Vine Review

What is SEO Link Vine?

callens-seo-link-vineSEO Link Vine is a service to create unique quality backlinks to your website or blog created by Brad Callen.

It is designed to help your website rank higher in search engines as an authoritative site.

It gradually obtains quality backlinks from other sites in a natural way from authoritative websites in your niche.

This is a well-known strategy which he takes one-step further then the basic article marketing link building strategy or PBN, Private Blog Network.

SEO Link Vine has been around for 6 years and it has time tested proof that it works. I decided to give it a go along with The Hoth link building.

How does it work?

Callen has created an SEO Link Vine network that uses blogs created by users that links to your content (in similar niches) slowly over time.

This slow link building process is the way to get quality links for ranking and not just linking to irrelevant websites.

Backlinking use to be just full of spamming to any site out there whether it was related to your niche or not.

Even if it was just your link in a comment on a blog. That used to help with ranking but does not work anymore.

Therefore, in order to build quality links faster you can use this system.

You can still do it the old fashioned way using only SEO to draw traffic, slowly, over time or jumpstart your linking naturally with Callen’s system.


Why Are Links Important For SEO?

The number 1 way for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is targeted keyword quality content.

That will ensure a lasting higher rank in Google than anything else.

The number 2 way is linking. Linking internally to other pages of your site.

Google loves internal linking because it helps guide it through your site when crawling it.

Inbound links are just as important as internal linking.

By having links from other sites to yours, it tells Google that your content is relevant and important otherwise the other site would not link to you.

SEO Link Vine uses an automated system to find the websites that are in your niche and generates the quality backlinks that Google is looking for.

These links can influence your Google rank but they are not the high priority they once were due to the Google Penguin update.

What About Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates?

Google’s algorithm updates hit article marketing and PBN sites hard.

But the ones that are using on-page SEO and getting “quality” backlinks did not take a hit, or were not hit as hard.

With Google always in the background creating changes DO NOT rely on any one thing for ranking.

Diversify your SEO techniques so if Google says “I don’t like such and such” but you have many forms of SEO you are performing on your site than you will survive and thrive.

What do you get?

You will receive access to almost 100 videos in the SEO Training Center.

This start off as beginner videos on up to advanced that guide you in concepts of SEO, linking and promotion.

You have a platform for writing then publishing your articles (or you can outsource the writing, and publish) and another area where you see other articles and accept or reject them.

Is It Worth It?

This system is $67/month which is a pretty good deal. I started with 10 articles and they have been published 52 times.

I have accepted only a few though, I am picky.

Whereas with The Hoth it is a one time fee for one service which starts at $49 all the way up to $4,000.

They do the job you pay for which takes about 30 days and the links are guaranteed as are the other services.

SEO Link Vine also provides a money back guarantee (60 days). Any legit service will guarantee their work.

Final Thoughts

the-hoth-bloggerI have read a lot of information on linking to your site.

Some say no, some say go. Just depends on the author’s success with it or failure of course which way they go in their article.

I believe in gathering all the necessary information and if what it includes is worth the price I will give it a try to find out for myself.

Just like if you go to a restaurant and order a hamburger which you think is great, but your friend does not enjoy it so much, it is the same with these systems.

Some have success so say it is great while others fail so it is crap.

I am utilizing a few options this being one of the them.

I am also using The Hoth method. I have tracking id’s associated with both and only directing to certain pages to be able to analyze which is working the best.


So far I have been doing this for one month and already my traffic has triple.

It is neck-and-neck right now on both systems because it has not been enough time to see the long-lasting effects.

Linking building and staying power are the two deciding factors.

Will the links be beneficial and relevant in 3 months or 6 months’ time?

We shall see and I will update this once the jury is in.

For now, these two methods are working great and well worth the cost for both.


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1 thought on “SEO Link Vine Review

  1. This looks pretty interesting to me especially the great results you’ve got from using this tool.

    It seems to be a legit tool but you know, many people are afraid of link building/building backlinks especially when there are many people selling low quality links and all.

    How do you know whether the links you get using this tool is all relevant and high quality? I know this can be seen from the fact you’ve achieved good result. But, anything more specific and detailed you can share about the quality of the links?

    Also, in your “how does it work” section, it’s still quite vague. I still don’t get how does the tool get you links. Can you explain more on that? Really appreciate it!

    • It uses a natural link building strategy and slowly drips these links over time. Links can be to articles that link out to high authority sites and straight to high authority sites thereby creating a more organic link building structure.

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