The Wholesale Formula Review

wholesale formula day 1This is the only Wholesale Formula Review that is not by an “affiliate” of the program.

Read on to get an actual review not a sales page.

Basically “The Wholesale Formula” is a course to teach you how to buy wholesale and become a top seller on Amazon. (aka dropshipping)

It was created by Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert in 2011 and they claim they started with $600 and now make millions with their formula.

They only open it for a limited time to sign up and that time is now!!

Amazon FBA Program

The training is based on and income is generated by selling on Amazon’s FBA Program. (Fullfilled By Amazon).

Amazon’s FBA Program is where you send products you want to sell directly to Amazon and they handle the rest.

When someone buys it, Amazon ships it to them and handles all aspects of customer service related to customer inquiries, refunds, and returns.

==>The key to being successful with Amazon’s FBA program is finding products at a wholesale price to sell.

This is where The Wholesale Formula comes in. They teach you their techniques for finding products.

They train you on reaching out to a company, and even negotiating exclusive contracts with them so no one else is selling the same thing on Amazon.

If you already have products selling and would like to up your game or are new and want to become an Amazon seller then their program will provide many tips to getting started and being successful. But is it worth it?

I found some interesting information on Reddit such as the answer below to a question about The Wholesale Formula.

the wholesale formula review

Reverse Wholesale Sourcing

This is what they have coined their system as: reverse wholesale sourcing.

Some of the things you will find when you join are:

  • Discounted Prep Center Service with
  • Your Own Done-for-You Website
  • Discounted Website Hosting
  • Niche Markets Training Videos
  • Keyword Training Video
  • Directory of 200 Wholesale Suppliers
  • Discount on CSV File Scanning Service
  • Intellizon – legally ‘spy’ on major Amazon sellers
  • The Complete Blazing Profits Training Program

These seem to vary from affiliate to affiliate.


From what I can see you pay the fee to join and they have upsells that you can buy into and get affiliate links for.

Those are personalized to you, the affiliate, and you can offer these to others so not all affiliates have the same bonuses when you sign up under them.

Some affiliates, but not all offer one-on-one coaching so you better shop around and see what the affiliates are offering to get the best for your buck.

$600 Startup

Contrary to what they state in their video that they started with only $600 they are charging quite a hefty fee for their training $1,997.

Plus, what you will need to buy your own wholesale products.

My question, as always is, why are they charging such a hefty fee if they are making millions?

You would think they would bring it down to the startup amount they had, as a way to show they identify with you and really want to help you “make millions” like they do.

Their bargain is: 4 installments of $397 each for lifetime access and a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Videos And Blog

There are 5 videos full of information on what you will learn along with how successful they have become.

I myself can get turned off when a site starts off with their income claims.

Makes me leery of them right off the bat.

<<== You can check out their 5 intro videos here to see what they are selling. ==>>

They do have a Pinterest page that lists a whole bunch of blogs posts so you can read more before buying their training.

I do suggest you research well to see if this is right for you because of the cost.

I myself and not interested in buying their training.

I feel like all the questions you have can be answered by Amazon’s help page and you can get information for free by Googling “buying from Alibaba wholesale” or something similar.

Just A Little Secret

So when I research,  I research.

They are registered as Ascension Consulting, LLC a limited liability company.

Now if you research further you will find this: SourceSellProfit.


Now when you go that page you will find the same techniques in their training to do Amazon arbitrage.

Here is what is included in this one:

the wholesale formula arbitrage

BUT the amazing thing is this course is only $297. Yes that is correct and not a typo.


Now if you are really serious about learning how to make money on Amazon that is by far the best deal I could find.

Once you have learned the basics then just test the waters and moved into other areas like Private Label and FBA.

My Final Thoughts

I am an Amazon Associate (Affiliate) and have not yet mastered exactly how they figure out your cut.

I have sold and got $0.00 from them and then sold again and saw a profit.

Of course, if you dig deep you will see that their % varies based on what type of product the customer is buying and some offer no %.

I have been interested in Arbitrage and FBA for awhile but have my hands full right now with my niche websites.

I look forward to starting small and giving this a shot in the near future (without paying an arm and a leg for training).


It takes alot of work to make a profit in any business you decide to start, but with the low start-up costs to any kind of internet marketing field you decide to get into, in time you will start to see it grow and profits start coming in.

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