Top 10 Advantages Of Being An Affiliate Marketer

You asked for it, so here it is. My top 10 advantages of being and affiliate marketer.

  1. Affiliate marketing can be started with a very small budget and you can start earning money online as soon as you start getting traffic.
  2. The barriers to entry are low, everyone can do this.
  3. It is your own business. You are the boss!
  4. As an affiliate you have no inventory and do not have to worry about customer support, shipping, returns, etc.
  5. Affiliate programs are free to join and you can choose who to promote.
  6. Monetize an already existing website you own or create one.
  7. No experience required!
  8. The affiliate programs that you sign up for provide the affiliate links and banners that you promote. No html knowledge needed. Simply copy the code and paste in a widget (WordPress) or create a textual link like this. AFFILORAMA – AFFILIATE MARKETING – SCAM OR LEGIT?
  9. The merchants you sign up with also offer excellent support because if you bring them traffic you bring them money. They want to keep their affiliates happy.
  10. There is an affiliate program for absolutely anything you can think of.

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