What is Google Sniper 3.0? – My Review

google-sniper-3Google Sniper 3.0  teaches you how to create a site that will rank high in search engines which they calls “sniper sites”.

It is focused on affiliate marketing and ranking in search engines to get a lot of visitors.

The more visitors you get, the more clicks, the more money you make.

George Brown, the creator, modeled the training on what he did to build up a successful internet marketing business.

He started this back in 2010 and it has helped many individuals over the years to be successful in affiliate marketing.

If you watch the sales pitch it will say

“Hurry, I am just releasing this to the general public right now! It is only available for this one time price $47 right now”

and the headline says:   $2,293.26 Per Day From My Laptop

This program has built up a huge following and went viral not long after it’s release.

In The Beginning…..


Google Sniper has progressed over the years from plain Sniper to Google Sniper 2.0 and now Google Sniper 3.0.

The reason for these upgrades is Google’s Penguin and Panda george-montagu-brownupdates.

Those are the algorithm upgrades names for ranking in Google.

Now and then they make a major change to their algorithms and websites have to scramble to keep up, make changes and stay ranked.

So George had to do the same with his courses or they would be worth nothing.

He has kept up with the updates and there is a new Google change coming in 2017 so be on the look-out for Google Sniper 4.0 upgrade also.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is great for beginners on up to advanced marketers because you can never learn too much, or have too much information.

If you are currently an affiliate marketer but find your site is stagnating he has a setup that you can use to ramp up your ranking, visits and sales.

It will take work, just like anything else.

Not a get rich quick scheme but once you put in the time and set it up it will generate money for you.

What Is In The Program?

Getting Started

A welcome video from George Brown on how to navigate the system and get started.

Google Sniper 3.0

The training consists of helping you to select the best niche(s) that are hot right now.

They walk you through signing up for Clickbank which is a digital product affiliate network.

They train you on keyword research, using Google Keyword Planner  and show you how to use the cbengine tool in Clickbank which shows you data and metrics for the products on your site.

Google Sniper X

This is the next step with 20 video lessons and case studies detailed.

The focus in Sniper X is how to generate traffic to your site and get ranked in the search engines.

Traffic Ultimatum

This is an up-sell – the focus is on increasing your knowledge and contains 20 more videos.

It takes you to the next level for generating more traffic to your site.

Sniper Cash Machine

Focusing on getting traffic from social media and goes on to teach the best ways to promote this program, Google Sniper 3.0. (all courses or membership site teach you to promote them, that is how they stay afloat)

Empire Module

This teaches you how and why you should outsource some of your work to freelancers.

This too is a popular method for generating new content from many of these training memberships.

It is great for those who do not have the time needed to focus on writing your content.

They go a step further though, and show you how to go about hiring a freelancer to actually build a “sniper site” for you. (You can create as many sites as you want)

Google Sniper 3.0 Support

Google Sniper has a Support tab on their dashboard to access help easily.

They also have a 60 day money back guarantee and encourage you to give it a try with a free trial period then $47 per month thereafter.

(Although the video is misleading) It says pay one time $47 for instant download of the system and use it over and over again.

But that is just a basic package. To get the real deal it is a monthly fee.

What Are The Costs Associated With Google Sniper 3.0?

After you sign up and get the instant download $47 you will be offered the up-sells –

Upsell #1 Google Sniper Elite for $187 (includes the Empire Module, Traffic Ultimatum and 4 coaching sessions).

Upsell #2 Copy Me Case Study – $97,  Elite Upgrade Downsell- $97. This is a guide to setting up your first Sniper Site using PLR products. PLR products are products written my someone else who sells you the rights to the product (private label rights).

How Does The Program Work?

The 3 steps below are the work but the main ingredient for this program  – domain names.

Google Sniper 3.0 has a 3 step principle.


Picking a Clickbank product – Clickbank offers digital products and you earn a commission on any sales you generate. You will pick the product and focus your niche sniper site around this.


Keyword Research – next you will do your keyword research and they focus on “low competition” keywords to bring the traffic your way. (As a new marketer it will be easier to rank with the low competition keywords rather than competing with the giants in the industry right away).


Optimizing Your Site – optimizing your site means writing your content as an engaging read for visitors while using the keywords that will get your ranked on the 1st page in google. You will see where you need improvement and takes sets to correct these actions.

So essentially you find a product, do the keyword research, pick your domain name to be an exact match for a low competition keyword.

Let me explain….

You want to do something related to belly fat.

  1. Go to ClickBank and pick your product – Example – The Lean Belly Breakthrough
  2. Go to Google Keyword Planner
  3. Search for a domain name with the low competition keywords


So what you see in that example picture are some low competition keywords.

Then you go to GoDaddy or Name Cheap or 1&1 Domains search for an available domain name that ends in .com, .net, .org. (those are the highest ranking, don’t go for the silly ones like .me or .space)

lose-that-belly-fat-godaddy-domain-nameTHAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME!!!  I have never gotten my first pick to come up available and I have to get creative and keep searching.

But for this example, BAM it comes up first try. smh. (I will never get so lucky again).

You may have heard talk of “Mini Sites” in the past. This is basically the same principle.

Each site is a small authority site around the product you want to promote.

Is This A Scam?

This program is not a scam.

It is not a get rich quick scheme, although it does say you will be making money faster than will actually happen.

It is a teaching course and you can learn alot about affiliate marketing, Google (of course), and many, many other tips and tricks to create a successful online business.

As for the price it is a better price than alot of programs I have seen AND he does update his training better than some programs (Affilorama has some outdated training modules, which they state on the page but why not remove or update it instead?).

My Final Words

I believe you will benefit from this program in the long run by acquiring knowledge and putting it to use.

You will not see immediate results as they claim but given 6 months (or sooner) you will see your first sale and there is nothing better than that!

Click Here to go to Google Sniper and Watch the Video

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